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Earlier Retirement May Mean Earlier Death

August 7, 2008

New research suggests there may be a connection between retirement and mortality in apparently healthy people. The findings surfaced in a study of nearly 17,000 adults. Researchers found that those who were retired upon enrollment in the study were 51% more likely to die during the study period than their same age counterparts who were still working. This trend was observed across all age groups. For example, among men who were younger than 55 at the study entry, 9% of retirees died versus just over 1% of those who were still working. The difference narrowed but was still evident in the older men.

The research team found that for every 5-year increase at the age of retirement, there was a 10% decrease in mortality risk. Even when researchers accounted for other factors (such as age, education, smoking habits, and weight), there was still a correlation between retirement status and the odds of dying during the study.

People looking forward to an early retirement may want to rethink those plans. If they are going to retire from their usual jobs, they may want to be involved in productive work on a regular basis after retirement.

Bottom Line: The Bible’s command to labor for six days a week is a plan that can enhance the health and longevity of those who participate.

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